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Brazilian Coffee Company has a wealth of knowledge and expertise that we utilise to provide both companies and individuals with high quality beans they can truly count on.

In addition, we ensure that we continue to visit the farms in Brazil to build direct relationships with our farmers so that we stay ahead and ensure high quality and carefully selected beans are chosen by us. Also by having this direct relationship with the farmers I am ensuring that the farmers receive a sustainable living cost for producing great coffee and continue to work directly with ethically minded other partners to ensure that the farmers receives a premium over and above the cost of production to allow the farmers to provide a level of care for their workers, their families and the environment around them.

We love promoting new bean sensations and pushing the limits of coffee cultivation in the region and celebrating the provenance of the coffees, and the people whose hard work makes them so delicious.

For more information and to enquire about ordering this amazing raw coffee please feel free to contact us.

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